I met my darling when I was a freshman at Southern University and A&M College. It would be another three years before we started to see each other romantically. It is still the oddest relationship I’ve ever been in. Likely, because it is so unlike anything I’ve ever been apart of before.

We are not the kind of couple who are carbon copies of each other. We live on different plains, and thrive in different settings. His extroverted, left-brain Gemini soul is downright detrimental to my introverted, right-brain Virgo heart some days. Yet, we figure it out. We make it, even when we should fail.

There was nothing about our meeting or the year we spent dating before his proposal, that would have prepared me for the life that we have now. We’ve seen more than a few ups and downs. Some our greatest accomplishments together have come after our most tragic downfalls. We’ve been tested, had quite a few come to Jesus moments, and are still learning how to reach for each other.

Our love story is one of the reasons that I gravitate toward romances. I know a lot of people find romance novels and novellas as fluff reading. I’ve heard it called ‘pop fiction’. I’ve heard that serious readers wouldn’t waste their time with romances. I don’t blame them for their preferences, but I do think they are missing the point.

Romances carry their own intricacies. Their characters are often complex beings who are weathering their personal hang-ups for one perfect shot at love. Here we are at the beginning, at the moment they first meet the one who could change their lives forever. It’s no murder mystery, but there is suspense. It is no self-help, but there are lessons to be learned. Generally speaking, there are no fantasy or paranormal occurrences, but there is still magic.

Romances an take us wherever we would want to go. All we have to do is find the right author and journey with them. I was blessed to live in a house of an avid reader. Our living room, the tiny little laundry room,and even our bedrooms had romance novels for years. Our library cards were golden. Finishing a book or series was serious business, and neither me nor my siblings left our parents without a love for books.

I fell in love with romances there, and then I met my husband.

Maybe, what those who look down their noses at romances are really saying is that these adult fairytales are too idealist. Always a happy ending in a time when love has left many empty handed. Maybe, romance seems short sided ,and one dimensional, because you know in the end love prevails. I don’t know why they are so willing to push them away, but I know the above are a few reasons of why I hold them near.

There is no way to write about the human experience of falling in love without jumping the hurdles of real life just so they can make it. My husband has taught me that, and my romances teach that too. Love is complicated, but in the end it will find away. It will go where it is meant to and take root regardless of how hard we fight it or how fast we run away.

If we are lucky, we will recognize it for what it is and fight tooth and nail to hold on to it. If we aren’t we will long for it for the rest of our lives. Knowing we had a chance at something perfectly or at the least perfectly ours, is worth the risks.

When I look at my husband, my shifter hero, I know all of this is true. He is strength, endless optimism. He is hope and safety. He is love and loving and pushes me to see things in myself that I didn’t believe existed. My heart calls to him even when we are fragile and everything feels a sneeze away from failure. I don’t know how we survive, but we do. More importantly, we stay in love.

I don’t know exactly what these next phases of our lives will lead too. I do know that shifter’s mate for life. I can only dream that we will find a way to make that forever true.

How’d your shifter hero convince you to fall in love? Leave a comment below.




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