Goal Digging

I know I’m not the only one who makes a lofty new years resolution. My intentions are good. Honestly, they are good.

However, there is nothing more powerful than having to be held accountable. As I go through this journey of hitting my goal this years, I hope you will tag along with me. I will post my progress. All of my small successes and epic failures will go here. Vice Versa.

I’m actively speaking peace, prosperity, and pure joy into my life.

I am actively seeking it too. I want you to be there when I find it. I want to be there when you find yours as well. To often in the pursuit of our goals, we feel alone. My aim is to change that for myself and you.

As I build community this year through my books, and our collective experiences I hope you feel welcomed here. Leave a comment, share a trick that worked for you, or just vent about where you are in your process. Together, we are going to change the landscape of our lives.

Let’s make this year different for us all and chase down our dreams until they can only surrender to us.